Sananda Mystery School

Revealing the cosmic mysteries of Creation
practical and mystical experience.

Greetings, beloveds, this is Sananda. Welcome to the Sananda Mystery School. The purpose of this program is to initiate you into the great brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light so that you may increase your capacity to serve this beloved planet as she transitions into a world of great beauty and light.

You are powerful and creative beyond your wildest imagination. Let me show you how to access your limitless perfection.

There are many levels of participation:

Level 1: Subscribing to the SMS online newsletter
Level 2: Subscribing to the online messages from Sananda
Level 3: Participating in online courses and initiations
Level 4: Attending periodic live workshops and seminars
Level 5: Becoming a part-time apprentice
Level 6: Becoming a full-time apprentice

Rev. Sal Rachele and Melissa Hogan, R.N., are my channels for this program. They will be bringing forth exciting new technologies and timeless wisdom to help you awaken to the magnificent beings that you are.

A description of each level of participation will be forthcoming.


Rev. Sal Rachele is a pioneer in the human potential field. He graduated from Silva Mind Control in 1976 and was the founder and director of Alpha-Theta Seminars in the late 1970s. He studied rebirthing (conscious breathing), meditation, the healing arts and sacred theatre during the 80's and 90's. He began creating original piano music in the early 80's. His latest CD is "Angel Dance." He is the author of "Life On the Cutting Edge," a self-help manual that explores the human condition in depth. He co-founded the music group "Mystic Waters." Sal is a minister in three different churches and a priest in the Order of Melchizedek. He resides in Northern Arizona where he has a private counseling, reading and healing practice. For more information on Sal, see

Melissa Hogan, R.N., L.M.T., is a veteran nurse of 34 years and massage therapist. She is currently a student of the Healing Touch modality. She created a prenatal massage program for a Tucson hospital, and has been in her own private  massage therapy  practice since 1993. She brings many years of experience and compassion from having dealt with  critically ill patients and their families. She has been a student of the metaphysical realms and meditation practices for the past 10 years. She is a conscious channel for Sananda and a co-creator with Sal of the Sacred Sound Current initiations.

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